The GOOD Stuff

Strengthen •Restore• Thinken• Moisturize


About Our Products

The "Good Stuff" is a line of hair care products made from all natural ingredients that work together to repair, strengthen, thicken and moisturize hair of all textures. Our products help stimulate hair growth by awakening dead hair follicles and helping you achieve overall healthy hair and scalp. So be “Good" to your hair and try our products! 


Restores Damaged Areas

If you’re worried about damaged edges or trouble areas then our products are perfect for you!


Thickens Thinnning Edges

Our Edge Shotz aid in awakening dead follicles while thickening thin/damaged areas



our Intense Growth oil not only promotes hair growth but also aids in keeping hair moisturized, making it soft and manageable 

Restore Damaged Areas

Fills in thin/missing edges

Safe to use on Children

Works on men’s hair


One of finest product i have ever used. They do a brilliant job.

Ella Charles

I am just in love with this product. It's quality is mind blowing.

Kiet Rose

I highly recommend this product. This do magic with your hairs.

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